Willowin Farms attends a number of local and "A" rated Hunter/ Jumper shows throughout the year. Showing is a wonderful way to see how well you and your horse are progressing.  We leave each horse show knowing what we are doing well and what we need to work on.  We are a family farm with great team spirit.  Riders are encouraged to cheer each other on, help each other out, and encourage each other.

Show Fees:

Shipping: $1.50 per loaded mile

Training: $75 per day

Pony Use Fee: $50 per day

Basic Daily Care: $35 per day. Includes feed, water, stall cleaning, hay.  If we are shipping in for a one day show, and the rider/parent is able to care for their horse/pony for the duration of the show, this fee will be waived. 

Full Care Fee: $75 per day.  Includes the above plus bandaging, bathing, tacking, untacking, cooking down, grooming, bathing, etc.   If the rider/parent would prefer to AND is able to properly prepare their horse/pony and equipment for showing, the full care fee is waived.  Basic Daily Care will still be charged except as stated above. 

Bandaging: $10

Unbraiding: $10

Tack Cleaning: $10


Lunging: $15

Show Prep Fees:

Mane Pulling: $30

Face/Leg Clip: $30

Body Clip:

  Pony: $120

  Horse: $150

  Plus cost of required sedation if necessary

If more than one person is showing a horse/pony the pony use and training fees may not be split between riders. Other fees may be split between riders.  Riders are responsible for paying all of their Entry, Stall and other Show fees to the show office. You are also responsible for paying a braider for rated shows.   If a tack stall is required, the cost of the stall will be split between each rider.  For “away” shows, travel expenses for the trainer(s) will also be split between riders. This includes hotel and meals.