Willowin Farms offers high quality, full care horse boarding.  Our horses are our family, and we know you feel the same way about yours.  Every horse is carefully looked over every day to assure they are healthy and uninjured.

Field Board $400/month:  Includes 24 hour turnout.  Feed twice daily.  Hay as needed.  Fresh water. Blanketing as needed.  For an additional $100 per month you will also be assigned a tack locker in our boarder tack room and have use of all of the amenities available to our stall boarders. 

Full Care Stall Board $850/month: Matted stalls.  Turnout (day/winter and night/summer). Feed twice daily.  Hay as needed.  Freeze-free auto waterers in every stall and paddock.   Ceiling fans in every stall.  Blanketing as needed.  Use of all facilities.  All boarders are assigned a tack locker in the boarder tack room, which includes a separate saddle and bridle tack.  If you have a show quality tack trunk, you may keep it in the aisle. Otherwise tack lockers take the place of a trunk.  There is also additional storage for your belongings in the hay  Insulated, well lit indoor arena with top quality footing.  New outdoor ring coming spring of 2016!  1/2 mile exercise track and plenty of space to ride out!  Indoor Wash Stalls.  Bathrooms, kitchen, and tack room are all heated/air conditioned.   

Full Care Training Board $1200/month:  All of the above plus up to three lessons or training rides per week.  Lessons are either half hour private lessons or one hour groups lessons.  Training rides are one hour training rides by one of our staff riders.  Training rides can also be split into 1/2 hour exercise rides. Lessons and training rides are interchangeable in order to create the perfect training plan for you and your horse.  Additional lessons, training rides or exercise rides can be paid as you go or prepaid in groups of five at rates listed below (on lesson/training page).

Deluxe Full Care Training Board $1500/month: For horses and individuals who more consistent training and care.  Deluxe training board includes up to five training rides/lessons per week.  We will meet with you to create the optimal training program for you/ your horse. 

Consignment Board $900/month + 15% commission:  All horses boarded at Willowin Farms with the purpose of being sold will receive a minimum of four rides per week.  They will be on deluxe full care training board including stall, training, and grooming.  Horses will be advertised on Willowin Farms Website as well as on other horse sale websites.  Photographs and videos will be taken to for use in the ads, in addition to any furnished by the owner.  Additional fees charged for body clipping and show fees.  Owner is responsible for farrier, vet, and any other outside professional service bills.

Lease Options:

Full Lease  $1200: Some leases will require an additional annual lease payment to be determined by the owner.  This is a great option for the rider who isn’t ready to commit to purchasing a horse, but wants a horse that is exclusively theirs to ride and show.  Lease price includes everything listed under full care training board. Your leased horse will be treated as your own, and your are welcome to ride on non lesson days.   Lease price does not include vet, farrier, and other costs, which will be the responsibility of the leasor.  Riders receive a 10% discount on camps and additional lessons.  

Half Lease $850: Includes stall board plus up to three lessons per week.  The horse/pony may be shared with one other leasor or used by Willowin Farms in the lesson program.  You will not be charged a pony use fee at horse shows and will have first pick of classes at horse shows.  Riders receive a 10% discount on camps and additional lessons.

Additional Care:  $250 : For an additional $250 per month, your horse will be groomed six days per week, bathed regular (as weather permits),  and kept show/riding ready with regular clipping and mane pulling.  Your horse or pony will be prepared for you before lessons/training rides, and taken care of afterwards. Your tack will be cleaned and put away after use.  This is a great option for busy horse owners who want to enjoy more time in the saddle, or for horses in full training when the owner isn't available to take regular care of their horse.  These services can are also available individually below.  

Horse Care Services:

Grooming: $15 : A complete grooming of your horse or pony.  $25 for full grooming and tacking/cooling out.

Layup Care/ Inclement weather: If your horse needs to be kept on stall rest for more than a 24 hour period, there will be a $10 per day charge for stall boarded horses and a $25 per day charge for field boarded horses. Horses on layup care will receive free choice hay and will have their stalls cleaned at least twice per day.   In the case of severe weather where horses must be kept in for more than a 24 hour period, there will be a $10 daily fee for full care boarders.  If field boarders wish to use a stall under these circumstances, the daily stall rate is $75 including care and stall rental. 

Standing bandage(s): $10 per day 
Sweat wrap $15 per day: Includes furizone ointment, saran wrap, and standing bandage(s). 
Poultice wrap: $20 per day

Hoof Care:
Hoof Soak: $15 per day.  Includes soaking hoof in epson salt/water for 10-30 minutes. 
Hoof wrap: $15 Includes hoof packing (as necessary), diaper, vet wrap, and duct tape.

Wound Care: $10 
If your horse/pony has a cut or scratch that does not need to be seen by a vet, it will be treated as necessary with your permission.  This includes cold hosing, cleaning with iodine or other wound wash, and treatment with a antibacterial spray or ointment.