Sales and Leases

Willowin Farms would love to help you find the perfect horse or pony for you or your child.  Whether you want to buy, lease, or half lease, if we don’t already have the perfect horse or pony available, Jane will work hard to find the perfect prospect for your needs.


Horses for Sale:

SOLD!! Nowhere Man “Jeremy” is a 2007 OTTB.  Gorgeous mover with hunter type conformation.  He is so quiet you would never think he had raced!  Would be a great candidate for showing in the TIP classes at “A” rated shows.  Easy enough to be finished by a junior/amateur.  Currently in professional training. Bringing him along slowly over fences so we don’t ruin his fantastic disposition.  Perfect lead change. Can’t wait to see what he can do over fences!! For sale today for $5,000.  Price will increase quickly with training.  For Sale to good home only.  Willing to wait for the perfect situation for this guy.  He deserves the best.     

Ponies for Sale:

Taffeta: “Taffy” is a 2009 Welsh Cross mare.  Taffy is a top of the line small, 12.1 ¾, with an exquisite head and great conformation.  Hack winning trot with a naturally balanced canter that allows her to walk the lines and do a clean lead change.  Ridden by a 9 year old in the local pleasure and short stirrups divisions.  Always in the ribbons and the hack winner.  We started Taffy on the farm and she has been the easiest pony we’ve ever trained.  This pony will be a winner in the Greens/Smalls at the rated shows in 2015.  Could easily do short stirrups or childrens this year.   Priced at $9,500.  Price will increase with training and showing.

Jack Flash “Flash” 2008 Medium Pony Gelding.  Welsh Cross.  Don’t be fooled by his age. This gentleman is extremely quiet and well behaved.  Huge, balanced stride and finds the perfect distance every time.  Jumping 2’6 courses with professional rider and with juniors.  10 mover, 10 jumper, and has a natural lead change.  Could easily do the children’s pony division this year and excel in the Greens for 2016.  With the right rider he could already do the Green Pony Hunters today.  Push ride, but with his long stride he never needs to gallop to get down the lines.  Fantastic manners on the ground and under saddle.  Mild cribber, easily controlled with cribbing collar.  Can’t say enough good things about this pony.  Bought him as a possible school pony, but he is too nice for the job.  $15,000

Lease Options:

Full Lease  $1200: Some leases will require an additional annual lease payment to be determined by the owner.  This is a great option for the rider who isn’t ready to commit to purchasing a horse, but wants a horse that is exclusively theirs to ride and show.  Lease price includes everything listed under full care training board. Your leased horse will be treated as your own, and your are welcome to ride on non lesson days.   Lease price does not include vet, farrier, and other costs, which will be the responsibility of the leasor.  Riders receive a 10% discount on camps and additional lessons.   

Half Lease $900: Includes stall board plus up to three lessons per week.  The horse/pony may be shared with one other leasor or used by Willowin Farms in the lesson program.  You will not be charged a pony use fee at horse shows and will have first pick of classes at horse shows.  Riders receive a 10% discount on camps and additional lessons.